About Us



John O. Bayless Sr. opened the doors of Bayless Auto Salvage in November of 1959. Prior to that, he managed Westport Auto Salvage with the first teletype parts locating system in southwest Missouri. John O. Bayless Jr. began working in the company in 1964 driving a wrecker and delivering parts. In 1969 the company installed the first “hoop ‘n ‘howler” parts locating service, aka St. Louis short line.

A year later we installed the central states long line which connected us to 250 other auto salvage dealers. In 1990 we computerized our inventory allowing us to communicate with 7,000 other auto parts dealers. We have continually expanded our location and inventory trying to provide the best quality late model parts in the area. Bayless Motor Company was opened in 1970, Bayless Tire and Wheel in 1990, Bayless Automotive and Machine in 2003. It’s been a privilege to be a part of our community.


If you are interested in working for us, please download the application here and send it to us.