Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes


The risk of damage is no less for a mobile home than it is for a traditional one. For this reason, it is in a mobile home owners best interests to purchase homeowners insurance in FL. The coverage that will be offered for a home insurance provider for a mobile home will be essentially the same as for a traditional home, however there may be some differences and there will definitely be differences in price. If you are considering purchasing home insurance for your mobile home then it will benefit you to understand the coverages that will be offered to you. The coverage detailed will be the very basic protection offered by most insurance providers at https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/mobile-home-insurance-florida/. You may wish to purchase additional coverages depending on the area you live in and any additional worries you may have. In most cases the standard coverage should be sufficient to offer you adequate protection.


This coverage is will be the main crux of your insurance policy, and it serves to protect the physical structure of your home including the roof, the walls and in the case of a mobile home the foundation structure. If any structural issues arise you should be able to make a home insurance claim under dwelling coverage to account for the cost of repairs.

Other Structures

Many mobile homes are kept on one permanent site. If this is the case then you may also have other structures that you own on the same land, such as a shed or outhouse. The other structures coverage will protect any structure that is situated on your land but is separate from your main dwelling.

Personal Property

In many ways the personal property coverage can be considered the most important coverage available. A person’s property is often of the highest importance to them and reflects their life and their loves. The personal property coverage will protect all of the belongings inside your home. This also includes expensive items such as furniture and electrical items. This coverage can also protect items that are used outside of the home such as bicycles and mobile phones. If any of your personal items are lost, damaged or stolen then you should be able to make a home insurance claim to replace the item or recover the cost.

Liability Protection

If anyone is injured on your property and decides to bring a personal injury claim against you then then liability protection will cover the cost of any damages you are required to pay.